Homemade explosives found in Austin bomber’s home

US authorities believe that Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, who blew himself at Round Rock in Texas early on Wednesday after police officers closed in on him, was behind a string of blasts around Austin, local reports said.

Authorities later found additional homemade explosives inside Conditt’s home in Pflugerville north of Austin. They evacuated residents in a five-block radius and advised them to return around 9 pm when the investigation at the suspect’s home will be completed.

Two of Conditt’s flatmates were questioned. One of them was let off.

Police have warned residents of Austin, Cedar Park and Round Rock to be vigilant since Conditt may have left behind other packages or devices. They are clueless on the places Conditt may have visited during the past 24 hours. They also do not know whether he was acting alone or got help in carrying out explosions.

Conditt was searching on Google for new targets in Austin and Cedar Park suburb before being surrounded by police, sources told KVUE-TV.

Police got important leads after one of the devices couriered by Conditt did not go off. The CCTV footage at the FedEx office from where the parcel was to be delivered to Austin revealed the suspect dropping off one of the devices.

Conditt was located on Tuesday at a hotel in Round Rock. Later, police chased him until he pulled over and detonated an explosive.

Conditt attended the Austin Community College from 2010 to 2012 but he did not graduate.

The string of bomb blasts spread panic in Austin. On March 2 this year, a device exploded at Anthony Stephan House’s home in Austin killing the 29-year-old man. Eleven days later, Draylen William Mason, 17, was killed and his mother was critically injured after he brought a package inside his home from the doorstep in Austin. Hours later, a 75-year-old Hispanic woman, who has not been named, was injured by another package in the Texan capital.

On 18 March, a device injured two men who may have set off a tripwire while walking along a street in Austin. Two days later, a parcel bomb exploded at a FedEx depot in Schertz, slightly injuring one person. Police said the parcel had been due to be shipped to Austin.