Helicopter saves 4 Russians stuck in remote snow forest

Four Russians trudging through freezing temperatures, above, (Photo credit: Polar Airlines) after their two snowmobiles broke down in a remote Arctic forest in Sakha Republic were rescued by a passing helicopter, The Siberian Times reported on Friday.

The four — three men and a woman — waved for help as the helicopter owned by Polar Airlines was heading from Srednekolymsk to Berezovka.

The helicopter crew saw them and picked them up on their return journey.

The men and the woman, whose personal details were not divulged to media, forgot to take their cell phones with them as they started the 270-kilometre journey from their village Berezovka to the town of Srednekolymsk last week.

Trouble started after their two snowmobiles broke down in deep snow and freezing temperatures in a remote ‘taiga’ (snow forest) some 100 kilometres away from Srednekolymsk.

The four then started trudging through snow seeking a shelter. As they were approaching a hunter’s hut, they saw the helicopter and waved for help.

 Pilot Semyon Semyonov said he was surprised to find the group stuck in snow and wondered why they did not use a snowmobile.

While returning, the pilots spotted the big fire the group kept burning near a forest to signal an SOS and got permission from the airlines authorities to land and pick them up.

Once on board, the four were served hot tea as the Polar Airlines helicopter headed to Srednekolymsk.