Hard work, red wine keeps world’s oldest man strong

Spaniards live long and Francisco Núñez Olivera has amply proved it as he celebrated his 113th birthday on Wednesday (Dec 13) with his eldest daughter María Antonia at their home. Francisco, by the way, is the world’s oldest man. What is the secret to his longevity? Hard work, home-grown vegetables and a daily glass of red wine, he says. To this, Antonia adds a quiet village life revolving around the field, his house, the village bar and the love and affection he gets from people around. He has milk and a light sponge cake for breakfast, meat, fish or stew for lunch, yoghurt for an afternoon snack and special cereal with milk for dinner. Francisco was born on 13 December 1904 in the village of Bienvenida in western Spain. He lived through both World Wars. In the 1920s, he fought against Berber tribes of Rif Mountains in Morocco when that country was occupied by Spain. His wife died in 1988 and two sons also passed away. His other daughter Milagros, 78, lives close by.