Hannover airport closed as motorist breaks through gate

Flight operations at the Hannover airport in Germany were suspended after a motorist broke through a gate and drove to the tarmac before being overpowered by police on Saturday around 3.40pm.

Police are investigating whether the driver was attempting attack on the airport or it was just an accident.

According to the BR24 media outlet, the car carried a Polish licence plate.

Several flights to the airport have been diverted. There were no take-offs or landings after the incident and the airport is on lock-down which is expected to continue till 9pm, said a spokesman for the airport.

The driver of the car is in police custody and is being questioned.

The Hannover police told DW the man may have acted under the influence of drugs. This would be confirmed only after the results of the blood test are known.

Police did not mention any terrorism angle to the incident which comes amid reports extremists many target German airports during New Year Eve celebrations.