Great White Shark spotted near Spanish island

A Great White Shark (pictured- Courtesy: Facebook/ALNITAK Marine Science and Education) has been spotted by an expedition team on Thursday off the coast of Majorca on Thursday, Majorca Daily Bulletin reports. The “historic sighting” of the 5.02 metre fish took place near the Cabrera natural marine reserve in the Balearic Sea and it is the first scientific evidence of a Great White Shark in Spanish waters for more than 30 years, said biologist Ricardo Sagarminaga van Buiten who led the expedition Alnitak. Sagarminaga’s team followed and observed the shark for just over an hour. Later, in a post on Alnitak’s Facebook page, the team wrote that in recent years, there had been unconfirmed sightings and rumours but no tangible evidence about the Great White. But on Thursday, it was photographed, filmed and contemplated by a crew of 10 people from five countries aboard the expedition’s ship Toftevaag. Filmmaker and biologist Fernando Mirones, who posted a photo of the sighting, said the group would soon publish a video. The Alnitak 2018 expedition bumped into the shark as Toftevaag was roaming the coast of Mallorca gathering data on marine animals and micro-plastic pollution at sea.  Some 47 different species of shark live in the Mediterranean Sea, including the Great White, the scientists said.

A 4.5 metre thresher shark was spotted in Devon, a county in southwest England, last week. Dr Tom Brereton said he, along with other tourists, was on a wildlife trip off Lyme Bay when the huge fish jumped out of the water and slapped its tail onto the surface. Tour guide Tom, who works for Naturetrek, said the sight of the big fish leaping out of the water was a surreal and breath-taking experience.