Germany’s ‘most famous smoker’ dies at 79

The landlady tried various ways, including legal means, to smoke him out, but the man kept puffing away for four decades refusing to leave the apartment or quit smoking. After becoming the unlikely hero of smokers and renters across Germany for his long legal battle with his landlady, Friedhelm Adolfs died in Düsseldorf at 79. Adolfs rose to fame after his landlady tried to evict him in 2013 for violating rules while smoking. She alleged he was not following the norms like opening his windows while smoking and that his smoking was disturbing peace in the apartment. Adolfs hired a good lawyer Martin Lauppe-Assman who called him ‘Germany’s second most famous smoker’ after the late chain-smoking Chancellor Helmut Schmidt. His eviction case went all the way to the Supreme Court in Karlsruhe which upheld Adolfs’ appeal against eviction. The justices of the top court admonished the lower court judges for not visiting the site during the original trial, and said the landlady did not provide any evidence that the pensioner was disturbing his neighbours. In September last year, a state court in Düsseldorf issued the final ruling in Adolfs’ favour.