German TV journalist sexually harassed during live broadcast of World Cup

A correspondent of Germany’s public international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) was sexually harassed while she was going live from the World Cup in Russia. Julieth Gonzalez Theran was reporting from the city of Saransk for DW’s Spanish news channel last Friday when a man came from nowhere, grabbed her breast, kissed her on the cheek and disappeared into the crowd. Gonzalez Theran said she faced no problem for two hours while preparing for the broadcast. But she went live, the football fan took advantage of the situation. Taken aback for a moment, she however continued reporting. Bibiana Steinhaus, Germany’s first female Bundesliga referee, said such sexual misconduct is unacceptable. Gonzalez Theran blamed the male-dominated sports culture for the incident. Some commenters on DW Espanol’s Facebook page dismissed the incident as trivial. One user said a kiss on the cheek does not mean the stranger is a rapist. Gonzalez Theran viewed it was an isolated incident. Fans compliment reporters and behave respectfully towards them but this one went too far, she said.