France expels Salafist preacher to Algeria for hate speech

A controversial Salafist preacher living in the French city of Marseille was finally expelled to Algeria on Friday.

The French government had issued the order to deport 63-year-old Imam el-Hadi Doudi (pictured Credit:YouTube) on Tuesday. But Doudi’s lawyer appealed to the European Court of Human Rights that his client would be tortured if he returned to Algeria.

The French government gathered additional information on the cleric and, after examining the new facts, the court finally ruled in favour of the cleric’s deportation on Thursday.

The imam used to preach at the as-Sounna mosque located in Marseille. The mosque was closed in December last year following allegations that Doudi’s sermons focused on discrimination against women and hatred and violence towards Jews whom he described as “unclean, the brothers of monkeys and pigs”, according to a confidential government report seen by a New-York based newspaper.

Doudi also preached that Muslim women should not leave their homes without authorisation and an apostate should be eliminated.

The mosque came under scrutiny following the French government’s new plan to weed out radicals including Muslim clerics accused of hate speech and incitement to violence.

The French government said in its expulsion notice that the imam’s hate speech targeted women, Jews, Shiites and people committing adultery.

Another imam Mohammed Tlaghi was expelled last month for preaching hatred in a mosque near Paris.

France has expelled 40 Muslim clerics between 2010 and 2015 and 52 others, including clerics, during the past 28 months, according to the New York Times.

French government has taken a tougher stand against radicals after a series of terror strikes starting with the killing of journalists at the offices of Charlie Hebdo newspaper in Paris.