For Kim, Trump, no deal better than a bad one

The two-day talks between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump broke down in Hanoi on Thursday but their dialogue will continue on denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula and improvement in bilateral relations, Korean Central News Agency said on Friday.

More than the results, the two leaders viewed the Hanoi summit as a great opportunity to further build mutual respect by standing together and  exercising wisdom and patience.

Without mentioning the venue for the third summit, they agreed to meet again.

The Hanoi talks, which were held in a cordial atmosphere, ended without any joint declaration.

While Kim remained silent on it, Trump said the papers were ready to be signed when differences surfaced over Pyongyang’s willingness to give up some of its key nuclear test sites. The sites Kim was willing to dismantle were not the ones US wanted to be razed.

Trump said his country was not ready to drop all sanctions against North Korea if the nuclear site issue is not resolved. For him, no agreement is better than a bad one.

He did not mention the incentives offered to make Hanoi talks fruitful such as an announcement marking the end of Korean War, setting up liaison offices in the two Koreas and allowing nuclear inspectors into Pyongyang.

Trump says he highly respects Kim and believes North Korea’s economy will grow by leaps and bounds if it shuts its nuclear test sites.