FBI’s ex-deputy chief McCabe sacked hours before retirement

Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe was sacked early on Saturday, hours before his 50th birthday and retirement with pension rights.

Trump called the sacking a “great day for Democracy.”

McCabe termed the dismissal an attack on his credibility and an attempt to discredit the US intelligence community. He said he would appeal Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision.

He had resigned in January this year as deputy director and gone on leave as Trump was pressuring him to quit with his taunting tweets.

McCabe was involved in the FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton’s use of private email servers and Russia’s alleged meddling in the US presidential campaign to favour Trump.

The inspector general, who conducted the investigation, accused McCabe of political bias and making unauthorised disclosure to the news media.

This view was shared by Trump who was also upset when McCabe defended former FBI director James Comey whom the president had fired in May 2017 over the agency’s probe into alleged collusion between his election campaign and Russia.

McCabe denied any impropriety in speaking with the media about the Clinton probe and any bias in handling it. He also denied lying to the inspector general.

McCabe told media he was targeted because of the events he witnessed and the role he played after Comey was fired last year.

He said the inspector general’s probe was as an attempt to sack him, destroy his reputation, and possibly deprive him of pension.

Michael R Bromwich, a lawyer for McCabe, said he was deeply disturbed over the distortion of the process which begins with Trump’s repeated Twitter attacks on McCabe.