Fans grow ‘moustache of hope’ for Russia’s victory

As hosts Russia play Saudi Arabia in the inaugural match of World Cup on Thursday (June 14) at Luzhniki stadium, Moscow, don’t be surprised by a large number of moustachioed fans assembled there to support the home team. For them, the moustache they wear symbolises hope for the Russian team. It all started with popular TV host Ivan Urgant calling on football fans to grow moustache in support of national football team manager Stanislav Cherchesov (pictured). Cherchesov, a former international goalkeeper, is noted for his signature moustache. Last week, Urgant appealed to all fans who use social media to grow mustache and share their pictures under the hashtag #MustacheOfHope. He told them Cherchesov needs their support as Russia’s chances of winning a few initial matches appeared to be remote. Soon, hundreds of pictures flooded social media of Russian fans sporting Cherchesov-style moustache. Former international player Valery Karpin was among those who posted his picture.