Family of 7 found shot dead at home in Western Australia

Australians are still in a state of shock after police found the bodies of a woman, her parents and four children with apparent gunshot wounds and two firearms lying nearby at a property in the wine-growing Osmington village in touristy Margaret River region in rural west.

Five bodies were found inside the home and two outside, Australia’s Commissioner of Police Chris Dawson said.

Police were not looking for a suspect, suggesting a murder-suicide.

Although police did not reveal the names or ages of the victims, local sources said the property belonged to Cynda and Peter Miles, whose daughter Katrina (pictured: Facebook- Katrina Miles) also lived there with her four children.

The family moved from Margaret River to Osmington three years ago to start a farm, the sources said.

Police are trying to contact the victims’ relatives and friends, Dawson said, adding that it is a “horrific situation” for people living in Margaret River.

Police went to the property after receiving a call from a man connected to the property about 5.15 am local time on Friday.

Premier of Western Australia Mark McGowan described the incident as a “shocking tragedy”.

Felicity Haynes, a former local councillor who lives on a neighbouring property, told broadcaster ABC the family involved were “caring neighbours”.

This could be the worst mass shooting incident in Australia after a lone gunman killed 35 people in Tasmania in 1996.

It has shaken the 700-odd villagers of Osmington dotted with farms and vineyards.