False narrative over Pulwama bomber

The bloodiest terrorist attack on security forces in India’s Kashmir valley on Feb 14 was carried out by a bomber who was just 19.

Adil Ahmad Dar, a school dropout living with his parents in Pulwama, was led astray by the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) terror group.

Before disappearing from home in March last year and receiving arms training at a JeM camp in Pakistan, Ahmad declared his war on the state by using every opportunity to throw stones at security forces to taunt them or to foil their efforts to flush out terrorists from hideouts.

 Ahmad is just one among hundreds of students who are brainwashed to commit mass murders by JeM with the help of Pakistan military and intelligence agencies.

While such killings are despicable, equally condemnable is the approach of parents of some of these young terrorists.

 Ahmad’s parents told an international news agency that he became radicalised after being beaten by troops while returning home from school in 2016. By trying to defend Ahmad, they were accusing the Indian troops of forcing Kashmiri youths to become terrorists.

Such a false narrative hurt millions of Indians who are mourning for the 40 constables of the Central Reserve Police Force killed in the Pulwama bomb attack.

Ahmad’s father Ghulam Hassan Dar also blamed politicians for his son’s death. Dar claimed himself to be an illiterate but was clever enough to pass the blame to the Indian military and government.  Nowhere in the interview to the agency did he mention Pakistan.

Some political parties in the opposition behaved like Dar by remaining silent on Pakistan and blaming the Modi government’s policy on that country and intelligent agencies’ failure on the Pulwama attack.

Dar’s narrative of his son as a victim was picked up by a section of the media to give some balance to their coverage of Pulwama attack. But the story made no sense by keeping Pakistan out. Moreover, he was trying to defend the indefensible.

Dar failed to acknowledge that his son followed a self-destructive ideology. Instead of becoming a hardcore terrorist, Ahmad should have become a tourist guide or got involved in a job related to production of milk, rice or saffron which Pulwama is famous for.