Facebook comment violated AfD leader’s rights: German court

A German court on Friday ruled that an insulting comment on Facebook violated the rights of AfD leader Alice Weidel (pictured left), media reports say.

Facebook had hidden the remarks from German users. However, it could still be read by using a VPN tunnel that allows computers in Germany access to the content from a server in another country.

The court in Hamburg would decide on Monday whether to issue an order that would force Facebook to close this loophole.

The comment by Facebook user Sanda G appeared in September last year. The user linked it to a Huffington Post report on an alleged statement by Weidel, a lesbian, against gay marriage in Germany.

The user called Weidel a ‘Nazi’ and questioned her sexual orientation.

Weidel’s lawyer Joachim Steinhöfel said Facebook refused to remove the comment even after other users reported it.  It was hidden from view only after Weidel herself requested the platform early this year.

Facebook attorney Martin Munz said the comment was in “in poor taste,” but said he could not access it through a VPN tunnel.

While respecting the court ruling, Munz said freedom of speech may become an issue if Facebook is asked to implement the decision taken by the German court on an international level.