Facebook CEO opposes ‘ugly’ growth tactics mentioned in VP’s 2016 memo

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday strongly disagreed to the views of a top executive in a 2016 memo which put the company’s growth above man’s life. Zuckerberg said the company does not believe that the ends justify the means. Connecting people is not enough by itself. They should be brought closer together, he said, defending the mission of the Silicon Valley giant. He did not criticise Facebook’s vice president Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth, who circulated the memo, instead described him as a talented man who often says provocative things. In the June 18, 2016 memo internally called ‘The Ugly’, Bosworth said the platform (groups function) may help terrorists plan an attack or cause death to someone which have to be seen as a by-product of the company’s “growth tactics” of connecting more people more often. All growth efforts by Facebook are justified, he wrote. However, Bosworth was on a damage control exercise on Thursday. He said he did not agree to the ideas in the memo when he wrote it, suggesting that he was playing devil’s advocate. He said the intent of the memo was to bring to the surface issues he felt deserved more discussion. The memo, published in full by BuzzFeed News, comes when millions of Facebook users are upset over data theft by UK-based electioneering company Cambridge Analytica to influence 2016 US presidential election in favour of Donald Trump.