Erdogan threatens boycott of US goods

After Turkey came under “economic attack” leading to its current currency crisis, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday warned the US that Ankara will boycott its electronic goods including Apple’s iPhone. His words inspired some Turks to smash their new iPhones to smithereens and post the related videos on Twitter. Addressing a symposium on Tuesday, Erdogan said instead of buying Apple’s iPhones, Turks will buy Samsung smartphones or Turkey’s own Vestel Venus phones. After a free fall, Lira firmed on Tuesday amid reports that Erdogan’s son-in-law and Finance Minister Beart Albayrak will brief hundreds of foreign investors on Thursday. Albayrak echoed his father-in-law by questioning the credibility of the dollar. While Erdogan warned the US of forming new alliances led by China and Russia, Albayrak said boosting Turkey’s ties with Europe will foil Washington’s plans to threaten the global finance system. Rise in tensions between Turkey and the US has been linked to the house arrest of US pastor, Andrew Brunson, by Turkey for espionage and terrorism-related charges. US diplomat in Turkey, Hovelier, met Brunson and sought speedy resolution of his case. Turkey’s businesses are concerned over the economic and diplomatic row between the two NATO allies. They want Erdogan to end the dispute. One solution could be free the pastor.