Egypt carries out mass execution of Sinai militants

Egyptian authorities have hanged 15 people on Tuesday for attacking security forces in the Sinai region.

The executions, carried out simultaneously in two prisons located in north and northwest of Cairo, is the largest mass execution in Egypt since six convicted jihadists were hanged in 2015.

It reflects the government’s resolve to crush the insurgency following the massacre by militants of more than 300 worshippers in a Sinai mosque last month. The mosque was frequented by Sufis, followers of a mystical school of Islam that militants view as heretical.

Jihadists are waging an insurgency in the restive province and have been increasingly targeting security forces since the army overthrew Islamist president Mohamed Morsi in 2013.

Last week, President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi reaffirmed his resolve that the military would use its “full range of violence” against militants.

“We must, with God’s help end terrorism there (in Sinai),” he said on Saturday.

A day later, nine suspected militants were killed during a police raid in Sharqiya province in north-eastern Egypt.
The militants were involved in attacks on security posts and military assets in North Sinai, which killed many members of the armed forces and police force, the ministry said in a statement.