Duterte causes outrage with ‘misogynist’ kiss at Seoul event

A day after telling a UN official to “Go to hell”, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte (pictured) outraged his critics again by kissing a woman on the lips during his South Korea tour.

The incident happened on Sunday at a meeting organised by the Filipino community in Seoul.

Holding a copy of the book Altar of Secrets, which exposed alleged corruption in the Catholic Church, he told the crowd that a woman would get it in exchange for a kiss.

Two women went up the stage and Duterte told them to share the book.

He gave one of the women a peck on the cheek and signalled the other he wanted a kiss on the lips.

He asked her whether she was single or, if married, she can tell her husband this is just a joke. The woman jumped for joy and he kissed and embraced her.

The crowd cheered and laughed but social media users condemned the president’s “disgusting” conduct.

Former solicitor general Florin Hilbay said the act normalises misogyny.

The woman in question, identified as Bea Kim, said there was no malice in the kiss which was meant “to entertain audience.”

Bea, who is married to a South Korean and has two children, said the kiss had no meaning for Duterte or to her.

This is not the first time Duterte has indulged in such acts. He had kissed two women in a political event before the May 2016 elections.

In the past, he had been criticised for making demeaning remarks against women, including shooting female rebels in the genitals and preferring a “non-woman” for a top government post.

Duterte had called Maria Lourdes Sereno, the Philippines chief justice, his “enemy” for vetoing a number of his government’s proposals. Sereno was later removed from office by majority vote in the Supreme Court.

When UN official Diego Garcia-Sayan criticised Duterte over this last week, the president said on Saturday that Garcia-Sayan should not to interfere with the affairs of the Philippines adding that the official “can go to hell.”