Drug lord El Chapo found guilty, faces life sentence

A court in Brookyln on Tuesday found drug lord Joaquín Guzmán Loera, better known as El Chapo, above, guilty of running a violent enterprise smuggling cocaine from Colombia, through Mexico, into the US.

Guzman may get lifetime in jail on June 25 when the court is expected to pronounce its judgement.

The legendary outlaw was shaken when the court declared him guilty of all counts including heading an evil empire engaged in the import and distribution of cocaine, heroin and marijuana and plotting murders by using firearms.

The conviction of Guzman came after six days of court deliberations and review of case documents and testimonies of some 56 witnesses, including 14 former associates of Guzman.

The 11-week trial revealed the brutality of the Sinaloa Cartel that Guzman led for decades.

The court heard how Guzman plotted murders and escaped a Mexico prison by running naked through a tunnel network he had built under his bathtub.

It also heard how he stopped the manhunt on him by paying a bribe of $100 million to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and his associates.

Court papers accused him of drugging young girls before raping them. He called them ‘vitamins’ that gave him ‘life’

Guzman’s lawyers questioned the integrity of his former associates who   testified against him. They presented him as a man wrongly prosecuted.

But Guzman’s habit of snooping helped FBI gain access to conversation by individuals close to him and also to his encrypted servers.

Besides this, other intercepts and material seized from Guzman’s home during a raid gave investigators enough evidence to nail him.