China was alerted after drone entered its airspace by mistake, says India

New Delhi/Beijing: India says its border security personnel alerted their Chinese counterparts about a drone immediately after it went missing near China’s airspace.

China had alleged that the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) violated its airspace.

India’s Ministry of Defence  (MoD) said on Thursday that the UAV, which was on a regular training mission inside the Indian territory, lost contact with ground control due to a technical glitch and crossed over the Line of Actual Control in Sikkim sector.

Responding to India’s alert, Chinese border security personnel gave them the UAV’s location details. The incident is being probed in accordance with established protocols, MoD said.

China’s Xinhua reported that members of the People’s Liberation Army retrieved the drone from an undisclosed location.

Zhang Shuili, a senior military official in China’s western battle zone command, told Xinhua that India’s move has infringed upon China’s territorial sovereignty and China strongly opposes it.

The drone incident comes months after border troops of the two countries were locked eyeball to eyeball at Dokalam after Chinese troops began constructing a road near the Bhutan tri-junction.

The 73-day-long Dokalam standoff ended on August 28 after Chinese troops stopped building a key road close to India’s Siliguri border.

India opposed the road construction citing security concerns. The road was being built by the Chinese troops in the area claimed by Bhutan.