Dog shoots owner in leg in freak accident

An Iowa man with a bullet in the leg is being treated for internal bleeding at a hospital in Des Moines after he was inadvertently shot by his own dog on Wednesday. Richard Remme, 51, of Fort Dodge was playing with his pet dog Balew at home when it jumped on his lap and set off a handgun on his belt, local media said. Remme’s 9mm Ruger had standard thumb safety and trigger safety features. While bouncing back, the dog hit both and a bullet went into his owner’s leg. Remme phoned the emergency services to deliver the rarest of rare message: “My dog shot me!” After being initially treated at a local hospital, he was moved to a hospital in Des Moines when he showed symptoms of internal bleeding. The dog is crying his heart out thinking he will be in trouble for causing so much pain to his owner.