Discarded cigarette butt may have sparked fire destroying over 300 cars near Aero India venue

A cigarette butt carelessly discarded on dry grass may be the cause of a massive fire that destroyed more than 300 cars parked outside the Yelahanka Air Base in Bengaluru, India, where an air show was in progress, agencies report.

Aided by strong winds, the fire, which broke out around 1.30pm ,spread rapidly through the parking area near Gate 5 outside the venue of Aero India 2019.

As thick black smoke rose in the sky, visitors watching the aerial displays initially ignored it thinking it may be from garbage burnt in the vicinity. When people realised that the parking area was on fire, many rushed to the spot to check the fate of their vehicles.

Fire fighters removed adjacent cars parked in line to prevent the spread of the fire from one vehicle to another. Their efforts saved many vehicles. In half an hour, the fire was brought under control.

A day before the opening of the Aero India show, two aircraft of the India Air Force’s aerobatic team Surya Kiran crashed killing one pilot and injuring two others.