Cop clings to van to stop it falling from bridge

A British police constable has become a local hero in West Yorkshire after he clung to a lorry with his bare hands for 15 minutes on Friday morning to stop it from falling from an icy bridge until firefighters arrived. The driver who was trapped inside is recovering in a hospital after the cliff-hanger ordeal. Constable Martin Willis, better known as Motorway Martin, was on patrol when saw a large van teetering on the edge of the bridge and swaying every time another vehicle passed. Warning the driver not to move, he clung to the rear axle of the van until rescuers came. The constable later posted two pictures of the rescue on Twitter. “You sir deserve a medal for that. Well done,” one man tweeted. “A very sincere thank you to everyone for all your kind tweets. I was only doing my job, but feel very honoured to [receive] so much praise,” Martin tweeted on Saturday. The accident happened on A1M near junction 44 for Aberford and Bramham.