Carry on the fight, Saleh says in his last note

Sanaa: A day before he was killed by Houthi militants in Sanaa last week, Yemen’s former president Ali Abdullah Saleh wrote a signed “note” appealing to people to protect their home land from Houthis. It also shows Saleh knew he may be killed any day after recently severing ties with Houthis.  Tariq al-Awadi, the brother of a high-ranking official of Saleh’s General People’s Congress, confirmed to Al Arabiya that he received the handwritten message from one of Saleh’s relatives whom he declined to name. The note was also shared on Twitter by Sam al-Ghabari, a Yemeni journalist who was close to Saleh.  The letter reads: “If you find this paper, know that our homeland is valuable and we will never not treasure it”. “At this moment, I see myself among the many traitors who sold Yemen for a low price. Greetings to you, the great Yemeni people, may we meet in the highest paradise.”