British PM survives no-trust vote by her own party MPs

Amid Brexit heat, Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday survived a no-confidence vote by her own Conservative Party MPs with a 200-117 win, reports say.

This victory means Conservatives cannot challenge May’s leadership for one year. However, Labour party could still bring a similar motion in the Commons against her plan for Britain to leave the European Union.

Fearing humiliating defeat and her ouster, May delayed the Brexit vote scheduled on Tuesday. Announcing this in the Commons on Monday, the prime minister said she wanted to discuss with her fellow EU leaders more concessions over Brexit.

EU has ruled out renegotiation of the deal while keeping the window of hope still open.

Before the no-confidence vote late at night, May disarmed her critics by announcing that she will not fight the next election. She also warned MPs that by voting her out, they would only be delaying and stalling Brexit.

After winning the vote, a triumphant May said politicians on all sides need to come together and get on with the job of delivering Brexit for the people who voted for it and building a better future for their country.

One third of Conservative MPs who voted against her deal said their vote is a clear indication that her Brexit plan is unpopular even among own party members in the Commons.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn urged May to bring her deal back to the Commons next week so parliament can take back control.

May is arriving in Brussels on Thursday to meet EU leaders and persuade them to offer more concessions ahead of Brexit including changes in the backstop arrangement on Irish border.

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