Brazil’s outspoken gay MP hounded out

An outspoken gay legislator who resigned and fled Brazil after receiving death threats says he will not return to his homeland, local media report.

Jean Wyllys, above, said he would still continue the fight for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community from abroad.

Wyllys was recently re-elected as legislator for a third term and was expected to take office on Feb 1.

His sudden resignation and departure has upset LGBT community in Brazil as he was the lone legislator representing them.

Wyllys has not disclosed his new location for security reasons.

Wyllys’ PSOL party said a party member from Rio de Janeiro, David Miranda, will replace him.

Gays like Wyllys are being targeted because of the failure of the Congress to approve legislation guaranteeing their protection, said Toni Reis, president of Brazil’s National LGVTI+ Alliance.

The predicament of Wyllys is a reality Brazilians cannot ignore. Whenever LGBT members are attacked, such incidents are trivialised, Reis said.

Vice-President Gen Hamilton Mourao said an attack on a parliamentarian is an attack on democracy. Everyone in a democracy is free to express his or her opinion without fear or favour. Wyllys did that, he said.