Bovine blessing to new Hindu temple site in Germany

The Hindu community in the northern German port city of Bremen gathered at a field cheered as Madel the cow gave her bovine blessing to a potential building site for a new temple this week, local media reports. A priest decorated the animal, sacred to Hindus, before local farmer Frank Imhoff led her onto the field where the new temple was proposed to be built. There were tense moments for onlookers because any uneasiness felt by Madel would be a clear signal that the temple project would have to move somewhere else. Fortunately, the cow was at ease and the community spokesman Pathmakaran Paatthmanathan declared that the temple will be built there. The new temple and adjoining buildings for lessons and further education for the community should be completed before the end of the year. The plot belongs to the foundation that runs the city’s homeless shelters. Its director Alexander Kuenzel readily agreed to lease it to Hindus.