‘Bikini climber’ freezes to death after fall from peak

A 36-year-old Taiwanese woman, who became famous for scaling peaks wearing just a bikini, fell to her death from a mountain on Saturday, Taiwan News said.

Gigi Wu. above (Image: Facebook), was into the eight day of climbing the 5,577 feet Yushan Mountain in Central Taiwan when she fell 65 ft down a ravine and became immobilised due to a leg injury.

Using her satellite phone, she called for help around 4pm.

Although the rescue unit of Nantou County mounted searches using Black Hawk helicopters, they could not locate her because of poor weather. Gigi froze to death by the time they found her in the ravine 28 hours later.

Gigi began scaling peaks in bikini after losing a bet years ago. As punishment, she was forced to take a photo of herself in swim dress after reaching the mountain top.

Gigi became a social media star after she began posting photos of herself in bikini.

The cause of her death is not clear although she appears to have died of hypothermia after being trapped on the mountainside for hours in freezing temperatures.

Last year, she spent 127 days hiking on mountains.

Social media users paid tributes to Gigi on her Facebook page following news of her death. “RIP, may you still be happy in another world to climb the mountain to be yourself,” one user wrote.