Australian PM’s wife flattered by Macron’s ‘delicious’ remark

French President Emmanuel Macron (pictured) laughed at his own mistake after describing Lucy Hughes Turnbull, the wife of Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, as “delicious”. In his speech in English, Macron thanked Turnbull and his ‘delicious” wife for the warm welcome. While the word ‘delicious’ in English is used to describe food that tastes good, the French use ‘délicieux’ or ‘délicieuse’ to describe a delightful person.  Turnbull and Lucy laughed a lot over Macron’s ‘delicious’ remark at a private dinner on Wednesday. Turnbull said his wife “was very flattered” by the youthful French president’s charming and memorable comment. Australian press widely reported the gaffe.  One tabloid carried it as the lead story with the cartoon head of Pepe le Pew, Warner Brothers’ lovelorn French character, photo-shopped on Macron’s face. The newspaper had some fun and it made him laugh too since in the original cartoon, the character has a French accent, Macron told reporters before leaving Sydney at the end of a two-day tour.  Macron may be the only European leader who gives all his speeches in English. The French president’s spoken English is far better than that of his predecessors.