As Democrats question Mueller report, Trump has the last laugh

For two years, Democrats and news media in the US kept attacking President Donald Trump day in and day out and now it is payback time since a probe report by Special Counsel Robert Mueller has found no collusion between him and Russia to steal 2016 election.  

Without naming the alleged plotters who built a “false narrative” against him in the Russia case, Trump said they constantly lied to Congress and the public and should, hence, face investigation.

Trump praised Mueller by saying the special counsel acted honourably. At the same time, he said officials who perpetuated the investigation should face consequences.

FBI may come under scrutiny for using the Trump-Russia dossier which was compiled by a former British spy Christopher Steele to discredit the president.

Trump’s comments came a day after Attorney General William Barr released a summary of the findings of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report which almost gave a clean chit to the president.

Barr said the Mueller report did not show any evidence to prosecute Trump for obstruction of justice.

Democrats are now trying to question the Mueller report which they thought would go against the president. They are hanging on to a line by Mueller which says he does not fully exonerate Trump in the Russia case. They want Barr to testify on this.

Congressional Democrats know they are in trouble as Trump is going to target them for relentlessly attacking him over the Russia case.

While they want Mueller’s entire report to be made public, Trump is not at all bothered.
The summary of Mueller’s findings has energised Trump to launch a blistering against the ‘villains” in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election.

In the months ahead, Trump and his team are expected to use the Mueller report to prove to voters that Democrats and news media did “evil” and “treasonous” things against the country. Trump said no future president should ever be subjected to the political witch-hunt he faced.

The White House too attacked Democrats and the media for perpetuating the Russia-Trump collusion lie ever since he became the president.

Democrats are raising doubts about Mueller’s findings as they were expecting a damning report against the president, White House Press Secretary Sara Sanders said.

Mueller, who kept a low profile throughout the inquiry, seems to have done a thorough job to find the truth in the Russian case. His findings have come as a rude shock to Democrats and prompted Americans to question the party’s credibility.

Instead of further embarrassing its supporters by questioning the Mueller report, the Democratic Party should admit its mistakes and keep moving on.