Air India passengers safe after Trichy-Dubai flight hits airport wall

The passengers and crew of a Dubai-bound Air India flight had a miraculous escape after the plane hit airport boundary wall during take-off from the southern Indian city of Trichy in Tamil Nadu.

The incident happened around 1.30 am on Friday when two wheels of the Air India Express flight IX 611 hit the safety wall forcing it to be diverted to Mumbai for inspection.

The plane with 130 passengers and six crew members on board landed safely at Mumbai around 5.39 am.

Soon after the incident, an alert was sent to the pilot in command who said the aircraft systems were operating normally.

However, the plane soon lost connection with the Air traffic control (ATC). The communication was re-established after a few minutes with ATC Mangalore which instructed the pilots to make an emergency landing at Mumbai airport.

During inspection at Mumbai, it was found that the plane’s fuselage or body was practically “shredded”. The flight’s antenna was damaged and its broken parts were found on the ground at Trichy airport.

Another flight was arranged to take the passengers from Mumbai to Dubai.

The pilot and the co-pilot were grounded and an internal inquiry has been ordered, ANI reported.

Directorate General of Civil Aviation has also initiated a probe into the matter.

It incident comes weeks after more than 30 passengers aboard Indian carrier Jet Airways had to receive treatment for bleeding from noses and ears after pilots “forgot” to turn on a switch regulating cabin pressure.

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