$8,100 offered for info on wolf killer in Germany

Germany’s animal activists have offered a reward of $8,100 for information that leads to the arrest of a criminal who shot and dumped a female baby wolf (picture for representation purpose only) after tying a concrete weight to its stomach in the eastern city of Bautzen, DW reports. The carcass of the wolf was found floating in a lake on June 10. Animal lovers were outraged over the incident and the German Organization for the Protection of Wolves, along with the district of Bautzen and a Facebook group called, Wolves: Yes, Please, announced the reward on Wednesday (July 12). Berlin Wildlife Research Institute, which examined the carcass, found that the wolf had been shot in the chest. The incident once again proves that man is the beast, not wolf, said Brigitte Sommer of the animal protection group. Wolves are protected by German law and killing them will invite a fine running into thousands of euros and even up to five years in jail.