$351m in cash found at Sudan’s ousted leader’s home

Sudanese authorities on Friday seized $351 million in cash from the home of deposed president, Omar Al Bashir, above, in Khartoum, Netherlands-based Radio Dabanga said citing prosecutors.

The large hoard of cash was seized from 50kg maize grain sacks and safely deposited in the Bank of Sudan.

Bashir, who ruled Sudan with an iron fist for three decades, might face money laundering charges.

The former president was placed under house arrest last week after months of protests which started in December last year over soaring bread prices. He has been moved to the Kobar high-security prison where prosecutors were set to question him.

An interim military council has been set up to pave the way for free and fair election but people do not have faith in the military. They want an interim civilian government in place to quickly announce elections instead of waiting for two long years.

Many protesters, led by the Sudanese Professionals Association, have openly said they do not want see the same old faces of military officers in the council.

The officers are trying to convince the nation that Bashir was removed from power to usher in a people’s government. They do not even want to call the removal of Bashir a coup since people may suspect a military strongman is going to lead their country. 

Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court for alleged war crimes in the Darfur region. But the military says Bashir will face trial in Sudan and he will not be extradited.